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This Project inspired by Supreme Urban architectural designers.

Supreme Urban creates designs and they supervise those projects, after many projects they got amazing compliments and thier clients say "it is an Amazing Design". 

This project is designed in collaboration with SLBN and Supreme Urban. For getting to know more about Supreme Urban visit their site.

Sample designs of Supreme Urban will give you an idea about their architectural sense.
The green tower concept will design by them in collaboration with swiss architects.

SLBN's story:

SLBN's meaning is Projetex Sea Land Businesses and Networks .
We earn 50% out of our net profit by developing businesses, consultancy services and implementing new projects for investors. Our policy is not to charge before the project, we only request a 3% - 7.5% profit share for 10 - 99 years according to the first agreement.


We earn 30% out of our net profit by providing information technology-based services for example web development. We provide many IT services in Sri Lanka.


We get 20% out of our net profit from IT consultancy services and selling Computer parts through resellers.


Our Partners

Collaborative partners of this project.

A ​self-growing company with valuable assets.

SLBN is not growing alone. SLBN is growing with partnerships and projects. SLBN do not seek only for IT projects because it is developing many businesses and taking care of those companies' IT infrastructures.

What we do other than business development?

Web Development

We develop websites using HLML/CSS and WordPress for our clients and we provide hosting also.

IT services

We provides many IT services including repair and ​maintenance service, software installation and networking.

Real estate

We are collecting data and sharing information with buyers for a commission. We do not recommend unprofitable estates for our clients.

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Our developments are suited for many investors. We are choosing investors carefully because we have to promise them a profit. We develop long-term projects only.


Design projects

SLBN Project designing team is researching and designing projects with their best effort because we don't pay them, they will have a profit share only. So they have to be careful unless they will lose too.


New designs

We choose new designs because the world is changing fast and we have to think about the future. Technology is growing fast. Sustainable projects are appreciated by the new world.

Why would you worry after ten years? Plan that day today. Life will end, but we can leave our names to spell. Start expanding your businesses globally.