Short History

We are SLBN.LK and we sold computers and laptops, we repaired computers and laptops not only that we developed webs and apps too. We still have experienced developers to develop your website or shopping cart.

01. Full refund.

You can cancel and order immediately before the shipment or before start the project and then you'll get full refund.

02. Partial refund.

If you want a refund for an on-going project, then you can contact us before requesting a refund. We will submit you our costings on your project up-to your contacted date and you can have the rest of money back as a partial refund.

03. Non refund.

We do not refund for shipped orders and for final stage projects.

Terms & Conditions

In our online store we are providing product details plus it's terms and conditions, in our ​physical stores we are presenting you specific terms and conditions according to the product or service. Please contact us any time for more details.